The Riddler has taken over Gotham City. Using his Riddle Ray, he now controls the minds of the citizens of Gotham and it’s up to you, as part of the Bat-Family, to stop him. The Riddle Ray is controlled by twelve frequency emitters around Gotham City. Each is secured by a riddle. Solve the riddles to disable Riddler’s Riddle Ray and save the citizens of Gotham.

How it Works.

Visit your local Coliseum of Comics each week to collect a new region of Gotham to add to your map. Answer the three riddles and earn a free stamp for each riddle you get right. Collect all four map pieces and turn in your completed map of Gotham before end of day September 30th and you’ll earn a free Coliseum Exclusive Batpin!


What if I join too late?

You can catch up with one or both Wild Card Days, where you visit your local Coliseum on September 15th and/or 30th and collect a previous map piece. You can only get one map piece per wild card day per location.


If I already have the Map Pieces, can I participate in Wild Card Day?

Absolutely, if you missed a riddle on an earlier Gotham Landmark, you can answer a new riddle on this day for each landmark missed to try and get your stamps for it.


Do I need to have all twelve stamps to get the pin?

Nope, you just need all four Gotham map pieces.


Can I bring in a map for myself and my significant other? They’re sick.

Sorry, only one map per family. All participants must be present to enter.


I have two maps with a different region on each, can I combine them?

Sorry, only one map per family. Maps cannot be combined.


This is a cool event, I can’t wait to play.

Aw shucks.


Fine Print: Rules subject to change without notice. All rules listed here apply to Game of Riddles game.